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Date: 2019-03-25 23:30:00

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In this episode of our crate training a puppy series, I’m going to talk about stopping your dog from door dashing when you let them out of their crate. Whether you’re doing puppy crate training or adult dog crate training, teaching your dog to stop trying to burst through the crate door when you let them out can be very beneficial. When you teach your dog to choose to remain in their crate rather than impulsively running out of the door, you begin to build some impulse control exercises into your crate training. With impulse control comes a little more thoughtfulness during training exercises. You’ll quickly begin to see that your puppy is more thoughtful in other areas of your training.

There aren’t many tools that are better for management than a dog crate. Dogs are denning creatures by nature and the crate is meant to represent such. If introduced properly, dogs will learn to love their crates as a safe haven.

We couldn’t possibly recommend crate training more. The crate is a great ‘dog sitter’ when you can’t supervise. Let’s face it, we all have other things in our lives that will take our attention away from the puppy. Taking a shower or the distraction of a phone call can give an unsupervised puppy a chance to get into mischief. When you have to focus on kids or other things in your life, pleasantly crate your puppy so they can’t find trouble or potentially hurt themselves in the process.

This video will help you to have a dog who happily waits for your release word until you’re ready for them to come out of their crate

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