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Date: 2019-04-22 23:30:02

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This video is about the overarching ideas when it comes to puppy training 101. We’ll talk about some of the ideas for making sure your dog truly understand the skills that you’re trying to teach them. We’re going to cover the 3 steps to having perfect skills with your pup starting with “Teach”. New skills should first be taught in a quiet environment. Optimal learning happens when you can keep your dog’s full attention.

Next, we will discuss “Management”. While your skill is still a work in progress, avoid allowing your dog to rehearse the wrong thing. I.e. Don’t allow them the opportunity to pull on walks when you’re working hard to teach them to have good leash manners.

Finally, we will cover “Proofing”. This is the most important phase and unfortunately, the one that is most often skipped! It’s not enough to simply teach your dog a skill, you must take that skill on the road and proof through as many distractions as ‘what if’ scenarios as you can! This is an important step to having reliable skills and a well-trained four-legged family member!

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