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PEACOCKS! 5 You Must Get!!!

are FIVE Peahen That are blossoming into REAL beauties. Their are my Currents Fav FIVE.
What do you think?
one is Youe Fav?
Do you Peahen?
Do you a Fav in Youe collection?
Am I one in my collection?
Comment Below and don’t Forget to rate and sub!
The tank Featured in this video is a 100 gal ClearForLife Acrylics by a Exo-Terra Fx-6. Two powerheads keep the Detritic off of the 000000 Sand substrate. There is a Santa-san Monica Filtered HOG 3 Algal Scrubber Helped to keep NO3 down.
The Illuminant is a 60″ Beamworks LED With blue, red and White lights.
Thank you for in. You Supporting of this is noticed and GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
…and, yes, YOU ROCK!!!

Date: 2018-10-02 05:00:00

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