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Exocochromis anagenys – You MUST Get this Fish! Let’s Name Him!

Exocochromis anagenys is Quickly one of my Fav fish. Not Bkuz of his Jfuller1 shape and color but the Temperament of this fish is Awesome. He’s a lot Like my Fossorochromis Rostratus (sand diver) That doesn’t know how big he is and is not for Trouble and Keep to himself.
So, do I name him? “Errol” as in Errol Flynn? , Like Dali? Or Cantinflas? You Decide or POSTing Youse Below, LOL!
I picked this guy up at Cichlids. If you one, Until the end to the Yaer you can use the code “BEN10” for a 10% at check-out!
In this video I Talked about this Awesome fish. Do you own one? do you think about them? ‘s Youse Fav fish? POST Youse in the comments Below and thank you for Tuning in!
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Date: 2018-11-27 02:13:35

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