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A fish update, a milestone celebration and a special message for you.
Three years ago I uploaded my first YouTube video. The title was simply “Cichlids.” Honestly I was quite shocked that a few people actually found it and took the time to watch it.
That’s where my YouTuber addiction started 😀
I was influenced early on by numerous fish keepers that were posting to YT. To name a few, John Hudson (KGTropicals), Jay Wilson, IFG (Eaven Alexander, #HAPNATION) and many, many others, far too many to list here.
A lot has transpired since my decision to put a few African Cichlids in a 30 gal tank and post a video!
Here’s an update. Cichlids “2.0” 😀 and a message to all of you.
Visit KGTropicals here:
Visit Jay Wilson here:
Visit IFG, Eaven Alexander and #HAPNATION here:
Also, mentioned in the video, visit Zenzo Tazawa’s channel, Tazawa’s Tanks here:
I thank you for tuning in.
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