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Date: 2019-10-24 10:00:11

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Are sumps the king of aquarium filters? When you search out tanks containing thousands of dollars worth of corals and salt water fish what do we see? Sumps!
When you consider flexibility, added water volume, media capacity and water movement, nothing really comes close.
My sump adds 30 – 40 gallons to my system and I would need 10 FX-6s to handle the amount of media it holds, and that’s without coming close to the total capacity!
Here is a part-by-part look at my sump. It’s not the only way to set one up. It’s just how mine has evolved coming from the components I had to start with. There are many other workable sump configurations out there. Some very nice pre-made systems, some custom sump builders and I’ve even seen some very impressive DIY sumps.
Are you running a sump? Do you have questions about using a system like this to filter your tank? Post your questions and comments below and I’ll try to get respond to as many as I can.
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